Brillient! Autobots are arriving in the future!

As you can see up there, Skylar tibbits from MIT researching team got an wonderful idea. He sees the DNA and protein chain machanism and put it into robotics. He said that the material is going to be able to reconfigureate itself and can be transformed.  Self-assembling is really a key word. And Tung Ten Yong from malaysia, Kuala Lumpur suggested biased chain idea, could be make into the fibre that goes into the concrete or steel of our buildings which will strengthen itself whenever there are huge external vibrations (such as earthquake, strong wind etc.) I never have seen like that brillient.

 And when I saw the macrobot, I cannot help reminding transformers. For a long time, we’ve been making only framed machines or materials that are working only one purpose(yes we already saw Iphone but it is phone after all). but if we applicate the macrobot, we could see future macrobot transforming and can accomplish completely different tasks. like robot in construction site working in normal curcumstance but transforming a large wall if it faced with sudden landslide or flood.

 Well, I was Quite wandering comparing to Tung Ten Yong. But I’m sure THAT VIDEO WAS GREAT.


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