My hometown


 Let me introduce my hometown, Cheonan. Actually, I wasn’t born in Cheonan but Seoul. However, I moved to Cheonan when I was five years old so my early memories of Seoul are not quite vivid. When I was in Seoul, I was in a little gang in my hometown; Hanging out with my friends, playing in the playground, chasing bug-extermination trucks, but I didn’t do any bullying or law-breaking. That was lucky of course. When I was hanging out with my friends, I always went to Cheonan city bus terminal. It sounds boring but it’s actually a big complex with department store and big cinema. It has museum of art run by C Kim. one of the most enthusiastic art collectors in the world. Thanks to him, we can appreciate famous artist’s sculptures or drawings for a low entrance fee or sometimes free.

 Speaking of Cheonan, I missed Cheonan’s food. There is a small shop next to the Cheonan train station but it’s the most popular Hodugwaja(which means “walnut delight”)shop in korea. It’s really sweet, savory walnut-mixed treat so if you are going to visit my hometown,  you should try it. It’s not for from the station but shop I mentioned is the best. Cheonan is also popular for sundae gukbob. Its best restaurants are located in Byungchon, a small village in Cheonan. The only problem with Byungchon restaurants is there are so many of them that it has an additional sundae gukbob street. So you have to choose wisely before going in there to taste real good sundae gukbob. Searching real original restaurant in internet is a good idea.

 My hometown is not actually a developed city compared to Seoul or Busan. However, It is certainly a peaceful and cozy place to live. It is my hometown and I love it!


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