I can’t live without my family!

My family makes me happy. I have been grown up with them so I cannot think of myself without my family. Actually, I did live apart from my family when I was 5 years old. I still don’t know why because my parents never tell me. I lived in my grandmother‘s house, but my parents would have come and saw me once in a month. I usually cried because I didn’t know who they are at that time. However, we started to live together when I grow enough to go to kindergarden. I might have been feel lonely at that time because when I couldn’t see my family in my house I tried to call them until they got on the phone. My father drives a truck, delivering goods. My mother is working in bookstore. She feels it is hard recently, so I’m worried about her. My sister is in the third grade of high school. Someone says it must be hard to see my sister who is in third grade of high school because of the possibilities of hysteria by taking KSAT. However, I’m not worried about her because she knows what she does. I often go picnic with my family, especially these days because I don’t have much time with my family because I come back late from the school. Also, my family has set Sunday for eating jajangmyeon. On Sunday we should come to the house by any means even if there are some tests on Monday, I like it and never have missed it. My family loves fishing. My father always goes fishing with my mother, leaving me and my sister behind. However, we also go fishing with ourselves. I tried to go fishing together but my parents didn’t like it. Maybe they want to stay by themselves. Overall, I feel safe and happy when I’m with my family. I love my family more then any other in the Earth, except my girlfriend.


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