Sunday Morning Live

When I was a kid, every Sunday morning me and my sister sat close to television and watched The Disney Cartoonia. I can still remember intro track now. My mother always said not to watch television too close but I sometimes wouldn’t listen because my sister swiftly sat on my previous place. When Timon in the show told us to have a distance from television only then did me and my sister stepped back from TV. I really liked The Timon and Pumbaa Show. I don’t really remember why I liked the show but I really enjoyed so much that time. After the show was over my grandmother, who had a television in her room, told me to turn off the TV. My grandma didn’t like showing TV to children too long because she always told us that it could melt her grandson’s brain, literally. However, she liked The Singing Contest All around Korea and it also broadcasted on Sunday so I could watch it too. However, even if I could watch the TV everyday and everywhere I, who was still a kid at that time, really looked forward to meet my parents coming home at every Sunday. In fact, I really didn’t need TV on weekends. The reason why I anticipated Sunday was that I wanted to go picnic with my family all afternoon long.

Once again!


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