Social issues

 A social issue which concerns me is increasing student suicide rate in Korea. As you see, South Korea’s literacy rate is marked 99.8% and this is rated 1st in 155 country. However,  Life satisfaction of Korea is 40th in 6o country and student satisfaction in Korea  is getting  worse. In one recent shocking case, a 16-year-old in the southwestern city of Mokpo doused himself with gasoline and set himself ablaze in the street. He left a note saying he had done badly in tests and felt he had let his parents down. What is worse, these cases are not even new in Korea. It becomes anniversary these days. Why these suicides are happened among the Korean students? Many people says these phenomenon is caused because Korea’s abnormal education circumstance. Above 12 hours of studying and additional academy work is getting worse amd worse. Exam pressure  and parent’s expectation of their child is also forced students into a corner. Society is brainwashing students that elite university is the answer of successful life. This make students have a cramped view of life and if students failed some tests they feel their world is destroyed. This is one of the reasons why students suicide annually. To fix these problems, Koreans should change their view of educating children. Teaching  children means not only following school curriculum but also guide their children how to live their life and how to choose their life. When I was teenager I thought life has one answer. However, I realized the meaning of life is not narrow path. It was more like interchange road. Howeve, until I realized it, I was distressed and supressed by intensive high school studying life. Moreover, my life was fixed like routine. School, Gymnasium, academy, School, Gymnasium, academy… Depression and restlessness that I could have failed life by failing these tests also tore my feeling. It was more like a nightmare. I can still feeling scar of my past. These kinds of madness must be stop. We should have better view of educating our children by teaching  life, not school tests.

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