My Life in Five Years

 In 2016, five years from now, I should get a job. I think I could translate a comics or novels for a living. Not only English to Korean, but also Korean to English. translators usually work in their house. That means I can sleep late in every morning. In fact, I have always wanted to have a cat in my house and in five years, I think I could get one. My mom doesn’t like its fur so when I can stand on my feet I could get my cat. Thus, I and my cat, maybe my wife, is going to live in my house. Personally, after discharging from the army, I think I could grow up in interpersonal way. Everyone who experienced the army always says to me that I can grow up by serving the army. Also, I may have a responsibility. Building social relationship is one of my goals. Now I must work hard to reach it before 2016. Overall, I would still enjoy my life in five years. After five years, I think I can carry on.

Anyway, Kim is suck.↓


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