Hey, Google. Thanks to celebrate New Year’s Day for me…..

However, THIS is  Chūnjié, NOT Seolnal!

It’s….. kinda different!! Like Coke and Pepsi!

Chūnjié is for Chinese and Seolnal is for Korean!

Yes,we all celebrate new year’s day on lunar calendar and both are held on same day(of course, we all following lunar calender when calculating new year’s day). However, different thing IS different!

Oh, hi visitor! You may sound crazy to this. As I said, Asian people celebrate new year’s day in lunar calender. We also celebrate it in solar calender, but we put our meanings more important in lunar calender. (Sounds strange huh?)

May the luck be around in new year!!

It’s name is different to each country. Chinese people call it Chūnjié, and Korean people call it Seolnal. Japanese people don’t celebrate lunar new years because they abandon lunar calender and follow solar calender only.

In ‘Chūnjié’, Chinese people usually decorate all red and dragons, just like Google doodle above. Chinese recognize red and dragon to be lucky. We all want to be lucky in new year’s day, right? 🙂

I love SNSD (Girl’s Generation), by the way.

In ‘Seolnal’, we Korean people wear our traditional suits called ‘Hanbok’ and pay respect to our ancestors by performing ancestral rites.  Also, we make traditional dishes. ‘Ddeokuk’ is one of them, We gain one more year by eating it in new year’s day.

DON’T BE TAKEN IN! You’ll lose your money!

Of course, there are similar things between ‘Chūnjié’ and ‘Seolnal’. All families are gathered in lunar new years, playing traditional games and giving regards to each ones like Christmas. However, there is one EVIL tradition called ‘Saebe‘. Kids take a bow to elders wishing health and welfare, and (this is the EVIL point) elders give them money (approximately between 10~15 dollars EACH. If you imagine 10 kids and 20 shining evil eyes…). I once thought it was great tradition when I was kid, but now… <- That was joke. Everybody loves it of course…

Anyway, we’re now going to say ‘Happy new year!’, because tomorrow is lunar new years!!! Yey!! I wish you all to be happy and sound in 2012, and GEMME MY MONEY!

This video can help you understanding Seolnal better. Happy New Year!


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