INTERVIEW will no longer be posted.

Sorry to tell you.

However, INTERVIEW is property of DAUM corporation so my posting can be opposed to copyright.

Actually, Korea’s webcomic(we call it webtoon, and some webtoons are singled out by big internet corporation like daum and naver and published in corporation’s internet site. You can understand it easy taking system of Shonen Jump as an example) is free to internet users but its copyright is solemnly protected.

Thus, I ask authors of webcomic if I can post their webcomic in my site. However, this time I posted without permission and Ludovico politely ask me not to post his webcomic due to the copyright law, and I respect him. Sorry.

However, you can view the whole story of INTERVIEW in here

As I said, it is free to you all. I’m just a translator. If you can speak Korean, enjoy it!

Oh, Dogfight! will be continued. Hyun-wook, author of Dogfight!, said it’s okay.


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