For those who want an introduction of ‘Dogfight!’

Hi! My name is Ratpie and

This is my translation, Dogfight!

Dogfight! is a webtoon(Korean webcomic) which is publshed in Naver. It is Korean webcomic so it isn’t translated into English until I started doing it. The genre of Dogfight! is furry action comic(not THAT furry. Don’t even think about it), and it’ll make you consider what is a true justice.

Baul, the main character in this comic, is a hybrid fighting dog which joins a secret organization named ‘Amaranth’ and goes through dispute both inside and outside. You’ll find it interesting about the inflict for taking power in Amaranth, or you’ll just enjoy the brawl. That’s all I can tell you so far. If you have a question, please do not hesitate to reply me. I need your reply 🙂


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