Dogfight! #28

‘Dogfight!’ is on Baka-Updates Manga! Yay! I never expected this. It’s awesome!

However, there are several misunderstood things in there, so I introduce myself, and my translated comic again.

My translated comic is ‘Dogfight!’ there were few other comics in my blog, but I had to stop them for several reasons. Now, my work is ‘Dogfight!’ only.

Also, I’d like to set my category as ‘Webtoon’. ‘Webtoon’ is a Korean-originated word that describes Korean comic on the Internet. ‘Webcomic’ is also great, but I just want to add one more. 🙂

Strictly speaking, I’m not a group. I’m just me, Ratpie. I’m doing all this things by myself 😛 However, it seems Baka-Updates Manga can only designate translators as a group, so I won’t complain about this anymore 🙂 Also, the name of author in this comic is Park Hyun-wook, not Park Hyung-Wook.

‘Dogfight!’ is updated on every Tuesday, and Thursday. It would be good to change Release Frequency to Release day. (Is this possible? I got no idea :P)

I want to change all those things by myself, but I just found this site minutes ago. I was like ‘Oh what it this?!!! Am I a REAL translator?!! Many people is visiting my blog, but I don’t have fun things much in here!’, so I don’t even know how to change it. Should I be logged in?

Look arrogant? Sorry, I didn’t mean to. ;(

Anyway, it was wonderful. Wonderful wonderful.

P.S. : I wrote Chrome’s shoes-walking onomatopoeia as ‘Klop’. Am I doing it right?

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