The post you might not want to read

Hello, this is Ratpie.

It’s been almost five months since I post the first translated Manwha(I’d like to call it ‘Webtoon’, anyway).

At first, I’d like to say to thank you for enjoying my puny translated work. I know I’ve been really bad at grammar, but you guys always loved my translation. Sincerely, thank you.

I don’t usually post my life on this blog, but this is the one I have to announce you. If you decided to read this, please concentrate.

I’m going to chop off Kim Jong-un’s head.

Yeah, that’s right, him.

More precisely, I got a notice of enlistment from ROK Army.

In South Korea, almost every man in their twenties must join the army, and serve their country. I also have my time to serve my country as I’m not a Disabled, or rich man’s son.

I have no regret about my call of duty, but the only thing I’ve been concerning right now is this blog. I can’t keep my country secured if I’m translating somewhere else in army post. Thus, I’m now pausing in my every work and translation for a while(a year, maybe?).

However, that doesn’t mean I quit translating.

Sorry for the sudden announcement, but I’ve been really agonizing about how to tell you. Y’know, people start to like my works, and I have to stop everything. I’m sorry I haven’t told you.

‘Dogfight!’ will be posted until #32. It’s the last episode of Dorian. That brings it to the end of the posting for a while.

Lastly, and once again, thank you so much for enjoying my work and sorry to stop it.

It was wonderful to having a time with you. I’ll see you again!


P.S: You know Kim Jong-un is just 7 years older than me? Weird…

P.S2: This is the notice I recieved. Going to the Ol’ barrack:P

P.S3: , Episode #32 will be posted on next Tuesday. Don’t be so late!


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