Just another introduction

Hi! my name is Lee hong-rae, sophomore student in Korea University. I often refer myself Ratpie in Internet(Because I like the sounds of it). My hometown is Cheonan. It’s really my ‘hometown’ though I was born in Seoul I live in there and learned a lot. I grow up in quiet circumstance but I always wanted to do something adventurous like climbing tall trees and running away from mad neighbors after ringing their doorbell couple of times. Yes I was some troublemaker of my town.

My family is not so different than any other families in Korea. Loving mother, caring father, irritating but ‘anyway’ my sister. I have relatives in Cheonan. one uncle and two aunts. so I would often go visit them when I want to meet. Very warm families I think.

I like traveling. not just go somewhere and take some pictures but also facing problems during the travel like money shortage or Lost in somewhere I don’t really know. Some says that’s very dangerous thing but I think It’s worth trying it. I like experience. Sometimes I could be bumped up but I consider it a valuable experience and try not to mistake about it again. So, I appreciate Everyday and know Everyday is not just a same days.

I also like taking pictures and videos. Maybe I like somethings preserved on my own. You know, photos last longer than just a memory. Taking video is little different comparing photo, because I want to do it for a living. But It doesn’t means that I like it less than photo.

Why did I open this blog? Not doing it because of the class, but telling the day I live on. Like Twitter of Facebook, I can write them what I think and sometimes I can upload TED video.

Actually, I would like to use here as my personal attitude like what I like or how I think on Everyday incident in Korea.

So, Nice to meet you. Anyone visiting here is welcomed!

facebook, and Gmail:ratpie13@gmail.com


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